Get Tapped In

Our community consists of local and distance students, faculty, post doctorates, visiting scholars, water practitioners, and people with an interest in water management. We are not bound geographically, but like to consider ourselves fluid and dynamic. Below you will meet some of the people behind our projects, programs, and database. You will meet and get to know our partners and see some of the wonderful connections we are building globally. Find out what the students are studying and see what happens to them when they leave the Certificate Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation. See for yourselves why visiting scholars, specializing in water governance and transboundary waters, insist on coming to Oregon State University. Get acquainted with our global water community:

  • Meet our students - those currently in the program and those that are now alumni and learn about the certificate program through their testimonials (A-M and N-Z).
  • Meet our faculty - from an array of disciplines who specialize in researching and teaching about water conflict management and transformation and related fields
  • Meet our visiting scholars - from all over the world and learn about their research.
  • Meet our partners - organizations, nationally and internationally, that support our mission and that we collaborate with on projects and research relating to water resources management.
  • Rainbow Water Coalition - "A non-partisan, neutral perspective supporting diversity in the color of water" blog by OSU Professor and Director of Oregon's Institute for Water and Watersheds Todd Jarvis.
  • WaterWired - An "all things freshwater" blog by OSU Professor Michael Campana. A one stop source for news, analysis, humor, reviews, and commentary on all things freshwater!
get tapped in to our global water community consisting of visiting scholars, Rainbow Water Coalition, students, faculty, WaterWired, and partners