Bibliography and Digital Collections

Bibliography and Digital Collections

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Middle East Water Collection - Includes historic Afghanistan & Iran water agreements

The Middle East Water Collection provides access to more than 10,000 items on the subjects of politics and water in the Middle East to include historic perspective of present day conflict zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oregon State University is privileged to be selected to host three extensive scholarly collections of papers and data on the Middle East: 

  • Dr. Thomas Naff's comprehensive life's work on the Middle East. Dr. Naff pioneered the topic of water resources and political debate in the Middle East. The collection includes journal articles, papers, newspaper clippings, books, and other documents.
  • Dr. John F. Kolars' work on Middle East geography, environment, and culture especially related to the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers. His collection includes papers and books.
  • John G. Laylin's 30 years work on Iran water agreements with its neighbors. His collection includes maps, memos, papers, and a drafted treaty on the Helmund basin with Afghanistan never ratified due to regional political conflict.

Water Conflict and Cooperation Bibliography

A searchable Zotero database of publications through 2010 concerning water conflict and cooperation, with a focus on international freshwater resources.